SOS Summer News

Summer is always busy for SOS with our Green Team on the water. Follow us on facebook to get frequent updates and pictures on their tremendous progress.

We are also preparing to interview candidates in our search for an Executive Director, thanks to Councillor Brian Mayes’ support.

Here are a few other bits of SOS news from the past few weeks:

  • Following in the footsteps of the $5000.00 donation from the office of Gord Mackintosh (Minister of Cons. & Water Stewardship) is ANOTHER $5000.00 donation by an anonymous donor. This anonymous donation came to SOS via the Winnipeg Foundation. The donor wants the funds to be used towards researching/improving water quality of the Seine. Thank you!!
  • Adopt a River: HS Paul school students walked over to the banks of the Seine River for year-end activities on two different days. Sixty Grade 7 & 8 students participated in research activities and SOS provided guided tours with four different groups. The focus was on discovering wood carvings and vegetation. The next day a group of sixty grades 3&4 students spent the afternoon with SOS President Denis Gautron and 4 teachers exploring and discovering the wood carvings from Shorehill Drive to Woody and back. The shade from the dense leaf growth made the walk enjoyable for these young enthusiastic children.

Enjoy this wonderful summer and make some time for a stroll along the greenway! A river lies waiting to be discovered…

-Save Our Seine



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