Conestoga Campground: St. Vital history found on South St Vital trail

Check out this fantastic post by former SOS President Dave Watson on the RPARC blog. Follow their blog for great updates on the Seine river greenway and surrounding areas in the south east corner of Winnipeg.

“Chatting with a local resident from the newly built Oxbow on the Seine condos alerted me to the news that a gravel pathway had been quietly built behind St. Anne’s Self Storage at 90 Creek Bend Road. Now the site of a huge pre-fabricated metal storage building, this location was once the well treed site of Conestoga Campsites.”

Read the full story:


RPARC (Riel Parks and Rivers Commons) is a coalition of citizens, in the south east quadrant of Winnipeg committed to:

-transparent urban planning processes that recognize and incorporate the value and importance of our green spaces.
-protecting and enhancing urban forest, wildlife corridors and grasslands, especially along the riverbanks and neighboring lands of the urban Seine River.


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